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How To Choose Desktop No-Punch Metal Dish Rack?


How to choose desktop no-punch metal dish rack

1. Material

The material used for the cutlery rack is more critical, because it has been in contact with water, vinegar, alkali and other substances for a long time. Generally speaking, it is better to use 304 stainless steel, which can prevent rust, and has a certain acid resistance (avoid vinegar accidentally dripping on it to corrode the shelf) and alkali resistance. It is more convenient to clean, just wipe it with a soft cloth. We will also use it for a long time.

2. Capacity

The size of the dish rack is closely related to the population. For the case of a large number of people in the family, it is recommended to choose a large-capacity, lengthened and widened dish rack. If the population is small and the supplies used are not many, you can choose a small-capacity one to avoid taking up too much space.

3. Easy to disassemble

In the kitchen, there are all kinds of tableware, such as: chopsticks, cups, plates, and bowls, and the accessories they use will be different. If they can be disassembled at will and are easy to install, they can meet our different needs.

3. Hangability

What should I do if the spatulas used and these items with handles are not suitable for placement? The suggestion for these special tableware is that it is more appropriate to choose a dish rack that can be hung.

4. Deepen the rack

When we choose the kitchen rack, we should pay a little attention to the part of the dish rack. It is recommended to choose a deeper one, so that the dishes are not easy to slip off, and you can feel more at ease when using it. Some storage racks are relatively shallow, and if the dishes are placed with water, they are easy to slide down and cause damage.

2. Dish rack installation steps

1. In order to make it more convenient for us to use, when installing the dish rack, we must consider the layout of the entire kitchen and the needs of our daily life, such as the position that can be easily reached when cooking, if not commonly used If there is a vacancy in the kitchen, it can be installed

In short, install it in the vacant place in the kitchen according to your own needs.

2. We all know that the area of the kitchen is relatively small, so we must make reasonable use of the vacant space in the kitchen when installing the dish rack.

3. Since dishes are tableware that we often use in our daily life and are pulse-cleaned, they will drain when placed on the dish rack, so it is best to install the dish rack next to the sink, because the water will Stains won't get all over the kitchen counter.

4. As long as you grasp the key points of the installation of the dish rack, it will be very easy to install. Whether you choose to hang it on the kitchen wall or place it on the kitchen stove, it is mainly based on your needs. The specific space of the kitchen, but now many families place the dish rack in the washing machine

Next to the bowl because it's easier to clean and handle.

(1) Determine the installation location Dish racks are generally installed next to the sink, so that it is convenient for people to wash the dishes and put them directly on the dish rack to drain.

(2) Punch holes on the wall After the installation location is determined, people can punch holes on the wall. Determine the position of the drilling holes according to the position of the fixing holes of the dish rack, and ensure that the distance between the holes is consistent with the distance between the mounting holes on the dish rack.

(3) Fix the dish rack After drilling the holes for fixing the dish rack on the wall, you can fix the dish rack with screws. When fixing, pay attention - be sure to fix the dish rack firmly and stably. Tighten the screws to prevent the dish rack from loosening and falling due to not being fixed properly in subsequent use. In addition, the dish rack does not need to be fixed on the wall, and people can place it directly next to the sink for easy access.


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