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The usage of a U-shaped pillow


Neck engineering is used to create a U-shaped neck pillow, also known as an travel neck pillow. The material is a thermal slow rebound material that provides the most even, soft, and natural support for the head and neck and has a wide range of applications. 

1. When you work in the unit, you usually fall asleep on the table at noon. If you sleep directly on the table, your arms will be numb when you wake up, and you will not be able to sleep well. At this time, using a U-shaped pillow can help to avoid these issues. The issue is that even if you sleep for a long time, your arms will not become tired, and using a u-shaped pillow can also help to prevent nerve compression on the face.

2. People are more tired when driving, especially over long distances, so the travel neck pillow is primarily used to relieve fatigue and make the driver safer. The procedure is straightforward. The U-shaped pillow is placed directly on the human body. The driver can adjust the neck to fit his head shape and comfort. It can usually be adjusted by about 15 to 20 degrees. This can also keep his veins from becoming clogged. Fatigue will be reduced when the veins are relaxed. It is simple to relieve.

3. When traveling, U-shaped pillows are also used. The application is relatively simple; simply place it on the back of the neck directly. Because when traveling, you will use vehicles, and sitting in vehicles for an extended period of time will be uncomfortable, use U pillows at this time. You can sleep peacefully in the car if you use a pillow.


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