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General considerations for AM labels


AM labels are a type of electronic article surveillance (EAS) tag that uses acousto-magnetic technology. These labels are commonly used in the retail industry to prevent theft. When an item with an active AM label passes through an acousto-magnetic security gate at the store exit without being properly deactivated or removed, it triggers an alarm.

Here are some general considerations for AM labels:

1. Label Types: AM labels come in various forms, including soft labels for clothing and hard tags for other types of merchandise. Soft labels are typically adhesive and can be attached to clothing or packaging.

2. Deactivation: At the point of sale, the cashier uses a deactivation device to either deactivate the AM labels or remove them. Deactivation prevents the label from triggering the security system when the customer leaves the store.

3. Label Placement: Labels are usually placed on inconspicuous areas of merchandise to prevent easy removal by potential shoplifters. Common locations include the interior of clothing or inconspicuous areas on hard goods.

4. Temperature Sensitivity: AM labels may have temperature restrictions, and extreme temperatures could affect their performance. While most labels are designed to withstand typical environmental conditions, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines.

As for microwavable AM labels, it's important to note that exposing electronic components or adhesive materials to a microwave could potentially damage or alter their properties. If there are specific labels designed to be microwavable, the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines should be followed carefully.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information about microwavable AM labels or any specialized features, it's recommended to contact the manufacturers or suppliers of EAS systems and labels directly. They can provide detailed information about their products, including any unique features or considerations related to microwaving.

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