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Information about the forged clevis grab hook


A forged clevis grab hook is a type of lifting and rigging hardware that is commonly used in applications where the secure attachment of chains or other connecting elements is required. The clevis grab hook is designed with a clevis (a U-shaped metal piece with holes at the ends) and a grab hook that provides a secure point for connecting and lifting loads. Here are key features and information about the forged clevis grab hook:

1. Design:

  - The forged clevis grab hook is typically made from forged alloy steel, providing strength and durability.

  - The design includes a clevis for attachment and a hook that can grab onto the load.

2. Clevis Configuration:

  - The clevis is U-shaped with holes at the ends, allowing for the attachment of chains, links, or other connecting elements.

3. Grab Hook:

  - The grab hook is an integral part of the clevis grab hook and is designed with a latch or catch to secure the load.

  - The hook is shaped to provide a secure grip on the load without easily disengaging.

4. Latch or Safety Catch:

  - Many clevis grab hooks are equipped with a latch or safety catch that helps prevent accidental detachment of the load.

5. Load Capacity:

  - Clevis grab hooks are rated with a Working Load Limit (WLL), indicating the maximum load that the hook is designed to handle safely.

6. Versatility:

  - Clevis grab hooks are versatile and can be used in various rigging and lifting applications.

  - They are commonly used in chain slings, wire rope assemblies, and other lifting configurations.

7. Attachment Points:

  - The clevis grab hook provides a secure attachment point for connecting to chains, cables, or other lifting devices.

8. Rigging Applications:

  - Clevis grab hooks are often used in rigging scenarios where a quick and secure attachment is needed.

  - They are suitable for applications in construction, manufacturing, transportation, and other industries.

9. Compliance with Standards:

  - Clevis grab hooks should comply with relevant industry standards and regulations to ensure their safety and performance.

10. Inspection and Maintenance:

   - Regular inspection of clevis grab hooks is important to identify any signs of wear, deformation, or damage.

   - Proper maintenance, including lubrication of moving parts, helps ensure the longevity and performance of the hook.

11. Proper Use:

   - Users should follow proper rigging and lifting procedures when using clevis grab hooks.

   - The correct size and type of clevis grab hook should be selected based on the application and load requirements.

Clevis grab hooks are valuable components in rigging systems, providing a reliable and secure connection point for lifting and securing loads. Users should prioritize safety, proper training, and adherence to industry standards when working with lifting and rigging equipment.

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