The Brief Introduction to 2000W Power Inverter With Charger 220V

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Headquartered in China, Hisolar has consistently provided solar power inverter products and quality services for more than two decades. We have become an experienced supplier of OEM & ODM power inverters. Power inverters are divided into pure sine wave inverters, modified wave inverters, pure sine wave band charging inverters and modified wave band charging inverters. Among them, JYP series pure sine wave inverter provides excellent quality and real sine wave output, which can provide power for electric tools and inductive loads. At present, the rated power of this series ranges from 150W to 6000W, which can meet the needs of different levels. Hisolar power inverter can convert DC 12V/ 24V/48V provided by automobiles, ships and batteries into AC 110V/220V/230V/240V, which can supply power for refrigerators, motors, outdoor electrical equipment, solar systems and other electrical appliances.

The 2000W Power Inverter With Charger 220V offers more power in the same footprint. An inverter, battery charger, and transfer switch in one compact unit. The Hisolar's 2000-watt inverter Charger 220V delivers top features and performance at an economical price. The inverter 2000W has a compact footprint that saves space and simplifies installation - there are fewer components and cables to install.

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